Attachments of MATE Company

Standard Attachments of MATE Company

Mechanical and hydraulic MATE attachments are widely used in many areas of industry for facilitation of material handling with forklift trucks. They extended application area of forklift trucks by local and foreign manufacturers with standardised carriages in compliance with EU (F.E.M and ISO).

The most widely used attachments include mechanical attachments, including but not limited to forks extensions for handling larger objects, more pallets or one-side loading of trucks. Further attachments include crane jibs for transfer of objects suspended on the crane hook, for example for form installation. Carrying ram and carpet boom enable transport of coils, carpets, tyres, rolled plate or chains.

Barrel handling is facilitated by different types of drum carriers. Assembly work in heights, stock taking in warehouses etc. may be implemented with the help of assembly platforms.

The product portfolio of MATE company includes different types of frames enabling transport of different types of materials, such as long bars, special suspended pallets, transport and installation of special coils for spinning machines etc.

Manufacture of mechanical buckets is no less important. For snow clearing from access roads and open storage areas there is snow plough. Production of building materials makes wide use of tilting containers of the Standard and Max type.

Hydraulic attachments include but are not limited to sideshift for easy material and goods loading on pallets, object movement to the right or to the left for accurate loading without unnecessary move of the forklift.

Other devices include clamp units with different clamps for clamping transported material and prevention of damage to the material by handling. The clamps may also be combined with a rotator.

The rotator 360° enables revolutions in any direction. The rotator is constructed for rotation and his firm fixation of the object in the required position. The rotator enables object turning as required by the user. The rotator may also be used for continuous rotation related to paper roll clamps. Paper roll clamps are used for safe and reliable cylindrical object handling requiring careful grasp and rotation. This device is used in handling paper rolls, plastic foils, cylindrical prefabricates etc.

Timber and logs are grasped with wood loader. Application area includes sawmills and timber stores.

MATE, a. s. also focuses on counselling in logistics for users. The company is member of the Czech Society for Material Handling – Logistics.

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