Introduction of Company

Introduction of Company

The origin of MATE company dates back to the 1950s, when the Tractor and Machinery Stations were founded. Join of several of them resulted in the Brno Tractor and Machinery Station, covering agricultural machinery and cooperation with Desta Děčín.

In the latter half of 1980s development of cross-country forklift trucks Pumat, was completed for handling in agriculture. This represented commencement of manufacture of hydrostatic variant of the machine.

In 1992, in the period of privatisation, the company was transformed to MATE a.s. Brno, joint-stock company, on the basis of a privatisation project. After privatisation the company focus has included in-house development and manufacture of cross-country forklifts Pumat, telescopic manipulator MASTR and attachments for the forklif-trucks.

In 1996 MAC forklifts were introduced to the Czech market. The forklifts were provided with hydrostatic move and programmable parameters and replaced Pumat manufacture. In the end of 1999 in-house manufacture of MAC forklifts was discontinued.

Current production of MATE, a.s. includes mechanical and hydraulic attachments of the forklift trucks for all brands of local and foreign forklift manufacturers.

In addition to in-house manufacturing programme the company also deals in trading and services, including sales, lease and service of forklifts by DESTA and OM Carrelli Elevatori S.p.a., attachments for forklift trucks A.T.I.B. srl, C.M. di Calini/ Calonaci and Demac srl, purchase and sales of used machines. This involves warranty and post-warranty service, part replacements, spare part supply and technical reviews. In addition MATE also deals in sales and manufacture of hydraulic hoses and elements. No less important is the company agricultural programme, including general, medium and standard repairs of Zetor tractors and part renovations. The company further offers cooperation in the area of free manufacturing capacity, rent of non-residential areas and free outdoor spaces.

07.01. 2010 – Transformation (MATE joint-stock company versus KAROSERIA joint-stock company)

Year 2011 – Hire of buildings